From 1st January 2021, after 25 years, Aviation Security International (ASI) will be expanding its core AVSEC coverage to also incorporate other modes of TRANSPORT. It will therefore have a new name - Transport Security International (ASI). TSI will therefore continue to cover Aviation Security features/news as well as the AirWatch items but now complemented with equivalent synergistic coverage across Rail, Road and Martime. 

There will be a new website ( before 1st January 2021 with content that can be filtered by each of the modes of transport so you can focus on what's important to you. If Aviation Security is your focus then subscribers will be able to also access the 12 year back catalogue for the most in-depth research.  

FORMATS - Now QUARTERLY in PRINT(4 issues), DIGITAL (Web & Flip book) & MOBILE - IOS and from Jan 1st 2020 more regular online news. 

PAYMENT OPTIONS -  Subscribing online is the quickest and most economical (saving 20%) but if you are unable to pay online and would like an invoice FIRST then complete this INVOICE REQUEST FORM and we will send you an invoice with payment options (card or bank transfer).  

RECOMMENDED PACKAGE - 3YR Print/Digital is the best value and comes bundled with an EXCLUSIVE OFFICIAL FOLDER with capacity to keep all 3 years of copies together for future reference.

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